If this is Obama Act 3, hate to see what the finalé brings

Everything Obama comes with a sting, including each of their many vacations. Michelle’s 60-room deluxe hotel stay,  15-limo entourage throughout the southern region of Andalusia including Marbella, is a case in point.

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Maryland: Man wearing burqa robs bank

But at least he was able to make a cultural expression in a glorious multicultural society — and that's what's really important. "Police say man wearing burqa robs Md. bank," from AP, August 11 (thanks to all who sent this in):

SILVER SPRING, Md. — Montgomery County police said a man wearing a burqa robbed a bank in Silver Spring. Police said the man who robbed a TD Bank branch on Briggs Chaney Road about 4:20 p.m. Tuesday was wearing a "long black burqa over his face." He also wore jeans and tan boots….
Police said the man spoke with what they described as "a Middle Eastern accent." They say a silver car, possibly a Chevrolet, was seen leaving the scene….

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When a Civil Rights Group Hires All Whites… What do You Have?

As we are sonorously and endlessly told, the Southern Poverty Law Center is all about exposing the “hate” and working for “civil rights” in America. But a new website, Watching the Watchdogs, has tracked down the salaries and identities of SPLC’s top officers and it is interesting to note that they are all white people. Not a “minority” in the bunch. And they are all making a pretty penny, too.

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Code Pink with promoting harm to troops!

Sacramento, Calif. – The nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization Move America Forward is standing up for U.S. troops again, as yet-again, the virulent anti-war group CODE PINK is threatening the lives of U.S. troops around the world.

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Dumb policies just keep coming

If 10% ethanol in gasoline is good, 15% (E15) will be even better. At least for some folks. We’re certainly heading in that direction – thanks to animosity toward oil, natural gas and coal, fear-mongering about global warming, and superlative lobbying for “alternative,” “affordable,” “eco-friendly” biofuels. Whether the trend continues, and what unintended consequences will be unleashed, will depend on Corn Belt versus consumer politics and whether more people recognize the downsides of ethanol.

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Barack…You’re 30% Right, but 100% Wrong!

“90 percent of this game is mental, the other half is physical”—Yogi Berra Like the fuzzy-math Team Obama uses to tell us that so many millions of jobs have been “saved or created” due to stimulus funds.  Like the strange logic it uses to describe how appeasement and apologies lead to a sound foreign policy and like the show of “Noble Arrogance” it displays when telling American citizens “you just don’t understand things as well as we do…let us explain them to you because we know what’s best for you”, last night’s “you ain’t gettin’ the keys to the car back” comments by His Lordship Obama do not coincide with reality very well.

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Global Warming: Our Mistake, Never Mind

In a remarkable monograph, Roy W. Spencer presents hard evidence that 75% of the observed warming since the start of the 20th century is due to natural processes.  He offers a detailed model describing how one of these processes, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), operates in the real world.  Most importantly, he demonstrates that anthropomorphic global warming (AGW) is a minor contributor to a global climate largely insensitive to man-made CO2.

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The Biggest Threat to Freedom

Complacency!  Surely it’s the biggest threat to freedom in America. While closet communists and Marxists boldly go about neutering the U.S. Constitution, far too many Americans have become so self-absorbed, so distracted by entertainment and amusement that an over-reaching and over bearing government can easily dictate the terms to which citizens must comply.

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Too Dangerous to Print: Liberal University Bias

Thomas Paine once said, “He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach himself.” How true these words are. One of the most fundamental reflections of liberty is the freedom to question, challenge and debate the world around us. This freedom does not exist everywhere in the United States and certainly not at the university level.

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Destroying biodiversity

By Paul Driessen

Climate chaos is fading as a “central organizing principle for mankind.” However, the United Nations and radical greens have launched a new eco-scare.

The real threat to the planet, they now assert, is the impact of modern energy technologies and civilization on BIODIVERSITY. They intend to counter this new threat by controlling not just land and energy use, but all human activity.

To accept these claims, one would need to believe in the IPCC – and a UN system that will suddenly ensure honesty, transparency, and accountability for misfeasance, misrepresentation, and adverse impacts on people and wildlife. One would also have to ignore this critical fact.

The real threats to the world’s species are environmentalism, misguided environmental policies, and anti-technology zealotry.

The Soviet Union’s demise helped usher in manmade catastrophic global warming as the new “central organizing principle of civilization.” Now, global warming is giving way to a growing recognition that: climate change is primarily natural, cyclical and moderate; China, India and other countries will not sacrifice CO2-generating economic growth to prevent speculative climate crises; and carbon taxes strangle competitiveness, destroy jobs and send families into fuel poverty.

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