3 Year Old To be Taught Same-Sex Relationships?

One Man One WomanHere is a good example of political correctness going too far.

The National Union of Teachers, Great Britain's largest teaching union is advocating that children as  young as three years old should be taught about same-sex relationships in a bid to stamp out homophobia.

The NUT document says: "In the case of homophobia, the use of the word 'gay' is prevalent in primary schools and young boys who are perceived to not conform to masculine stereotypes are at risk of bullying, isolation and social exclusion.

"It is too late to wait until primary school to challenge prejudice and intolerant abusive language (The Daily Mail of UK)

I ask, how can a child at that age understand this concept of same-sex relationships? And what about their childhood innocent? Yes, children should be taught to respect all persons without overly exposing them to one particularly minority group.

At least there is some sanity in UK.

…Nick Seaton, of the Campaign for Real Education, branded the demands as "ridiculous".

He said: "I very much doubt that three-year-olds will be able to grasp the implications of these things anyway.

"Apart from that, even if they do, it seems completely wrong for the state education system to try and brainwash youngsters in this way.

"It is achingly politically correct and it's a sad reflection on the direction state education is taking, with the emphasis on teaching politically correct values, rather than worthwhile subjects." (The Daily Mail of UK)


Hugh McKinney, of the National Family Campaign, added: "To attach any kind of value judgment to the views and statements of three-year-olds is simply nonsense.

"Nobody condones homophobic language but to try and teach impressionable, immature youngsters about issues such as this is simply wrong for their stage of development.

"The state system should not be the basis for such teaching until children are older and more able to form their own judgments." (The Daily Mail of UK)

The only alternative is private schooling. But not everyone can afford to send their child to a private school.

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