Kentucky Board of Education Joins Efforts to Sanitize History

school textbooksPolitically correct rewritten history has shades of 1984.

The Kentucky Board of Education has voted to join the ranks of those who are redefining how time is reckoned. Last month the Board voted to recognize BCE and CE as acceptable names of the two main epochs of history alongside the traditional BC and AD designations which target the birth of Jesus Christ as a dividing point in history and have been used for centuries.

“In today’s climate of being ‘politically correct’ and fearing to offend non-Christians, Kentucky has fallen into step with other organizations focused on sanitizing anything linked to Christianity,” says Finn Laursen, Executive Director of Christian Educators Association International. “There are no boundaries to individuals who want to silence Jesus’ influence. To remove BC and AD from our dating notations in history is simply revisionism.”

BCE stands for “Before Common Era” and is meant to be used in place of BC, meaning “Before Christ.” CE stands for “Common Era” and is suggested to be used in place of AD, an abbreviation for “Anno Domini,” which is Latin for “the year of the Lord.” Although the traditional designations are not strong religious symbols, they are reminders of the impact of Jesus Christ upon history and are repulsive to those who want to wipe out all traces of His existence.

Although these new notations are rarely used they are surfacing in textbooks and other writings. These designations are simply used to replace our tradition designations without changing the calendar numbering system.

The Kentucky Board took step one in including these new calendar notations in its Program of Studies when approving the recommendations made by the Kentucky Department of Education. The Program of Studies used to guide Kentucky educators is then incorporated into a state regulation. The process for finalizing the regulation is not yet complete.

There will be a public hearing on May 30, at 2:00 p.m. EDT in the State Board Room of the Capital Plaza Tower in Frankfort, Kentucky. Written notice of intent to attend the public hearing must be forwarded to Kevin Noland, Deputy Commissioner and General Counsel, 1st Floor, 500 Mero St., Frankfort, KY 40601. Written comments will be accepted until May 31 and may be sent to the same address.

ldquo;I encourage Kentucky educators and friends of education to attend the meeting if possible and voice their concern over these changes. If attending is not possible, mail in comments before May 31. For those outside Kentucky, consider writing to Kevin Noland today and let the Kentucky Board of Education know that the rest of the country is watching,” suggests Laursen.

(Finn Laursen is the Executive Director of CEAI, est. 1953.
To interview Mr. Laursen, contact Doreen at 440-250-9566 or

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