Global Warming Sticker Shock

global warming a mythWhy is the U.S. being pressured to follow the Kyoto Treaty, yet the largest countries in the world, such as China and India are exempt from any pressure to follow the treaty? 

by Lance Winslow 

Many people are up in arms over the thought of global warming and indeed they want the United States to sign the Kyoto Treaty and pledge to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases. Yet these same people will not demand that India and especially China curb their emissions. And as far as pollution in the atmosphere it is widely known that Chinese Sand Storms blow dust around the world, so in essence and trying to be logical China in all fairness should have a zero pollution goal, which is noting compared to their current output.

Something really needs to be done there and the amount of pollution of course increases with each factory and as they rapidly increase the number of power plants then so to the pollution. Indeed this has been the United States’ point of contention over the Global Warming Treaty, that is to say if there is a level playing field then the US will join in the World Wide effort to reduce air pollution.

Yet also consider that if the US were to stop its pollution then our industrial might would be severely hampered and if China and other nations did not do the same then the playing field would be so far tipped that trade deficits would increase to an alarming rate and even more industry would move to foreign shores.

The fact is that the United States simply cannot allow signing of the Kyoto Treaty unless everyone including emerging nations will do the same. Perhaps it is merely a matter of sticker shock this time around?

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