Colorado School District Drops “Winter Break,” Returns to “Christmas Break”

FALCON, Colo. — A Colorado school district has decided to return to using the name Merry Christmas“Christmas Break” instead of “Winter Break” for the name of its December Christmas vacation.  A board member had contacted the Alliance Defense Fund in December asking for information affirming the school board’s legal right to reestablish the name (

“It’s ridiculous that we have come to the point where it takes an act of political courage to call December 25th exactly what it is–Christmas.  The school board’s decision to return to the original ‘Christmas Break’ calendar reference is a matter of common sense.  It does not promote religion and is perfectly constitutional,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Mike Johnson, who provided the board with the information it needed and praised the board’s decision in a recent letter (

In the letter, Johnson noted that ADF is ready to advise and defend the board free of charge in the event its decision is challenged in court.

As part of ADF’s Christmas Project, ADF-allied attorneys contacted nearly 11,000 school districts nationwide in 2005 to inform them of the truth regarding religious expression at Christmastime.  For more information on the project, visit

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