Sen. Kennedy Slammed for Comparing Illegal Immigration Rallies to Civil Rights Marches

Sen. Ted Kennedy is still trying to push the political correct agenda with the immigration issue when trying to compare immigration issues with racial issues.

Rev. Peterson Says Politicians Selling Out Blacks for Hispanic Votes

LOS ANGELES – A black conservative minister and staunch immigration reform advocate Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson today denounced Sen. Ted Kennedy for comparing pro-illegal immigration rallies to civil rights marches for blacks half a century ago. The Massachusetts Democrat, who is a proponent of a Senate plan that would open the way to citizenship for illegals, said recent illegal immigration rallies are “reminiscent of the civil rights movement.”

Rev. Peterson said, “Ted Kennedy should be ashamed for comparing the civil rights struggles of blacks to that of illegal aliens. Black Americans are being driven out of their jobs and schools by the influx of illegals—while politicians like Kennedy sell them out for Hispanic votes.”

Thirty years ago, the Los Angeles Unified School District student population was 24% black and 32% Hispanic. Today, one in 10 students is black, and seven in 10 are Hispanic.

“These figures should be alarming to anyone who cares about black Americans. Unfortunately for blacks, politicians like Kennedy are more interested in the next election—and blacks are a small slice of the voting pie, while Hispanic numbers are exploding. Blacks must finally claim their birthright as Americans, and say ‘no’ to the further devastation of their workforce and communities by illegal aliens and their political accomplices,” said Rev. Peterson.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is the Founder and President of BOND (Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny), a nonprofit organization that for the past 16 years has been providing unique programs and services designed to help black men and their families.

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