Is Islam The Religion of Peace?

In the wake of all the recent terrorists attacks and attempts here and abroad, is Islam the religion of peace? Or are we being fed Islam-lite version by CAIR and the media?

From an interview with Michael Carl on

The CAIR sponsored groups that initiate the contacts have a desire to disinformation. They willingly present ‘Islam Lite’ to the unaware Christians in the audience. They speak of faithfulness to Allah, pilgrimages, doing charitable works and Christians just soak it up not knowing that there is a double edge on those Islamic terms and concepts. . .

. . . First, the God of the Bible is not the same as Allah. Allah was the 7th Century moon god on the Arabian peninsula. Muhammad just gave him a promotion. This is the reason that the crescent moon is the symbol for Islam. In the Qur’an, Allah commands Muslims to support jihad, to slay the infidels unless they convert and to put to death any Muslim who turns from Islam. In my reading through the Qur’an, I’ve found numerous references to fighting, warfare, ambushes, and conquest. The Qur’an and the Hadiths teach that the only guaranteed way to eternal life in heaven is to die in jihad. Islam offers no guarantee of salvation either. Another key difference between the god of the Qur’an is revealed in the fact that the Qur’an has no ‘context.’ The suras are arranged from longest to the shortest and in no chronological order. Thus, the reader doesn’t get the sense of reasoning for why Allah commands something.

On the other hand, Jesus commands us to witness for Him by our character, our words, and our deeds. Jesus commands us to witness and verbally share the Gospel by telling people of what Jesus has already done for us. We don’t have to work our way into heaven and we certainly don’t get a quick pass to heaven if we die in a military campaign. Our salvation has been provided by Christ’s sacrifice for us on the cross. He’s completed the work, our part is trusting in Him and inviting others to do the same. And that promise is given unconditionally to us. We “confess with our mouths Jesus is Lord and believe in our hearts that because God has raised Him from the dead we will be saved.”

I guess the correct answer is an emphatic no!

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