Appeals Court Upholds Nativity Ban in NYC Schools But Okay’s the Menorah and Star and Crescent

The Federal Appeals Court in New York has ruled that in the New York City Public Schools, it is politically incorrect to allow nativity scenes during the Christmas season. But it is okay to allow the Jewish menorah and Islamic star and crescent to be displayed during Hanukkah and Ramadan.

CNS News reports:

Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, called the decision another outrageous example of federal courts discriminating against Christians. “This should be a wake-up call for Christians across this nation,” he said.

Thompson accused judges of imposing their ideological views under the pretext of constitutional interpretation.

In his dissenting opinion, appeals court Judge Chester Straub said it is clear to him that New York City’s current policy violates the Establishment Clause “by sending the message that Judaism and Islam are favored while Christianity is disfavored.”

The court’s decision came after an earlier ruling by another federal judge in 2004 against a lawsuit against New York City, filed by the Thomas Moore Law Center on behalf of a parent with two children. The law suit stated the the family were denied their rights to exercise their faith.

The federal courts basically are ruling the menorah and the Islamic star and crescent are secular.

The battle is not over and appeals are to be filed.

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