United Nations To The Rescue! … Of Terrorists

For decades terrorists have been attacking Israel. The violence has pretty much been relentless and barely garners much beyond half hearted condemnation by the vaunted international community. And on the off chance that there is even recognition of the violence the Israeli’s deal with such recognition usually also contains condemnation of Israel and demands “restraint” in defending themselves.

But golly gee wilikers! When Israel has had enough and goes on an all out butt whooping rampage against the terrorists and those that support them, the United Nations under the ever decisive leadership of Kofi Annan leaps into action like Superman! Well, at least we know what it takes to get the vaunted “international community” off their butts. Who cares when Israel is under attack right? But if terrorist thugs are threatened with annihilation they cannot wait to jump in and save those poor soles.

Reuters reports, “Annan, after talks with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, said he would push ahead with the plan [of an international security/monitoring presence] as a matter of urgency.” (source)

Does he mean a force like the impotent one the United Nations sent to Bosnia? Yeah, that worked out great didn’t it?

I wonder who would make up such a force – U.S. soldiers for the most part I’ll bet. Of that I have no doubt since we always bear the burden of keeping the United Nations afloat in money and man power.

And the press is all to eager to help out running stories about some of the good things these terrorists do for the people of these countries meanwhile forgetting to emphasize that they are terrorizing these very same people!

We do not need a “security” presence in countries like Lebanon. What we need is to let Israel defend itself against not only terrorists but also weak governments unable to control their own territory. We need to let Israel wipe the floor with these dregs of the world who have shown time and again that the only time they stop fighting is when they are on the ropes and need to reload and regroup. It doesn’t matter how many cease-fires we sign and how much we negotiate. The result has always been renewed violence initiated by the terrorists.

What we need to see is countries by themselves stand up and stand side by side with Israel independent of the United Nothings. Countries like the United States, Great Britain, Australia, and others need to stand shoulder to should with the Israelis and show their ability to act independently of the global socialist governance of the biggest paper tiger there is.

Some people however will not act. These are the people that have lost their moral compass and would be reluctant to lift a finger even when presented pictures of Jews being thrown into gas chambers and ovens. I dare say there are far too many whom would actually cackle with joy over such a sight like their fascist and dictatorial left wing brethren (i.e. Hitler and Stalin) have in the past.

We have tried the path of appeasement. Time and again Israel has been asked to concede land and restrict it’s own responses to make everything all right. And time and again such ideas are proven as nothing short of complete idiocy as their enemies simply move their mortar and rocket positions that much closer to the heart of Israel.

This will not end until those that have sworn to destroy Israel are defeated. And when I say “defeated” I do not mean simply beaten. I they must be soundly demolished, their must be armies decimated, their soldiers killed, and their supporters driven from their own lands and left to fend for themselves in some remote corner of the Middle East's deserts and mountains for the rest of their miserable lives.

They want war. And it is high time that they get a taste of what war really is.

It is time for the united nations of the world to stop acting as a protector of terrorists. Not some day soon, but today.

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J.J. Jackson is the owner and Editor at Large of American Conservative Politics – The Land of the Free and American Conservative Daily.

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