Want to Catch the News? Tune into Blogs!

Who could have predicted the explosive growth in the popularity for blogs as news or media outlets? Today, more and more people are tuning into their favorite news blog instead of catching the morning or evening news on the TV or radio. While the majority of those receiving news still get it from the major media outlets, more and more media blogs are becoming the go-to source for news.

Short for “web log,” a blog is a specialized site that allows one or more people to share a running log of events and personal insights with online audiences. Basically, a blog is an online journal.

There are millions of blogs currently out there. In fact, there is probably not one topic out there that does not have its own blog. With topics ranging from food to fantasy, home improvement to hot news topics, college sports to celebrities, or baseball to beauty products, blogs are everywhere. Blogs that are particular to political or current-events themes have especially grown in popularity. These blogs, serving as news outlets, have become “soap boxes” for instant mass-audience commentary.

After all, what is media without criticism or commentary? Who does not want to talk about what they see, hear, or read about in the news? The news is a part of our everyday lives – what we see, hear, or read about largely affects us – worldwide, nationwide, and even community wide. With all of the news stories thrown out there, you can hardly expect people to keep quiet about it.

Hence, this is the number one reason for the ever-growing popularity of media blogs as news and commentary outlets.

There are all types of media blogs as well, with each focusing on their own specific corner of what is referred to as the “media universe.” According to a recent Synovate/Marketing Daily survey, loyalty to specific blogs, such as media ones, is fairly strong with 46% of blog readers saying that they visit the same blogs on a regular basis. Approximately 54% of the blog readers surf for new and different ones.

Not surprisingly, those who are aware of and read blogs often are of younger ages. Around 90% of those aged 25 to 34 know what a blog is, while 65% of those aged 65 and over do. Additionally, 78% of those aged 18 to 24 who are aware of blogs say they have visited one, while only 45% of older Americans have.

When asked in the survey what type of information they receive from blogs, the majority (65%) responded that they get opinions; while 39% get their news, and 38% get entertainment. As of right now, media blogs are not necessarily seen as legitimate information news sources, despite the fact that some bloggers are experts in their area. (Think CNN’s Anderson Cooper.) However, this is well on its way to changing. More and more, medial blogs’ prominence and influence continue to rise, and thus so will their reputations as justifiable news sources.

As media blog usage continues to grow, so does their attractiveness as impending marketing tools. Nearly one-third of consumers reported clicking on an ad while reading a blog.

In addition to blogs, the expansive growth of social networking sites allows millions of web users to provide their own unique feedback and to interact socially with others. Like blogs, social networking sites include the ability to post written material to the web, but revolve more around the ability of one to build a web presence, and to create visible links with others in the same network. Social networking sites also allow users to place music, photo, and video content directly on the site.

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