First Amendment Separation of Socialism and State

by Thomas E. Brewton

Separation of church and state applies as much to the religion of socialism as to the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Read Sol Stern’s article in City Journal, the publication of the Manhattan Institute, which was the think tank whose ideas underlay Mayor Giuliani’s slashing of crime rates, tax cuts, reduction of public employee rolls, and revitalization of New York City’s economy.

As I have repeatedly asserted, and nearly every major socialist thinker has agreed, socialism is a religion (see Socialism: Our Unconstitutionally Established National Religion).

Therefore, the tax-supported teaching bias and methodology described by Mr. Stern are a gross violation of the First Amendment, which in the 20th century was interpreted by the Supreme Court as applicable also to states and local governments, via incorporation under the 14th Amendment.

New York City is at the extreme left wing of such educational practices, but Federal funding of elementary and secondary education has meant that a handful of liberal-Progressive-socialists have sufficient influence in textbook selection to see that the atheistic materialism of socialism permeates all of our educational system. 

To some degree, all of our children are being taught that moral relativism is the proper approach to life and that everything good in their lives comes from the collectivized National State.

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