Leather Furniture Offends Vegetarians?

This is an example when political correctness is beginning to go to far. This is from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/04/26/nvegie26.xml:

Councilors in Totnes are considering re-covering their furniture with plastic instead of leather in case it offends vegetarians.

Officials in the town, which has been referred to as Devon's answer to Glastonbury, put forward proposals to renew the peeling desks in the 16th century guildhall with plastic at a cost of £450, claiming it was cheaper and "vegetarian friendly".

But some members said the hall deserved an "upgrade" and the council should spend £680 for leather hide or £950 for sheep hide. 

John Macadie, a councilor, said they had a duty to save money and not use animal products.

He said: "We should not be using animal products; we are in Totnes. Why not sand it down and then varnish it, then it will last forever. It would look very nice stained."

But the former mayor, Marion Evans, told her colleagues: "We are the custodians of this building. I think you are being cheapskates."

She said later: "It's one of the oldest buildings in Totnes and I think we should use proper furnishings."

The councilors agreed to find out the cost of sanding and varnishing before reaching a decision.

Totnes is one of England's oldest boroughs, with its charter granted by King John in 1206. In 2004 Time magazine declared the town "the capital of New Age chic".

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