Forget Politically Correct – Check out Politically Ignorant

by Michael Bresciani

In August of 2006 CNN News conducted a poll that was meant to see how the average American viewed the Hezbollah. The result would leave anyone with an ounce of political savvy in a state of disbelief.

The poll concluded that forty seven percent of those polled think Hezbollah is friendly toward America. Leaving aside the generally accepted idea that our allies’ enemies are our enemies you’ve got to wonder if those polled have a clue.

Did the pollsters remind those polled that Hezbollah is solidly backed by Iran. And have those Americans forgotten the Ayatollah Khomeini or the Iranian hostage crisis? Have they forgotten that Iran is openly and defiantly bent on creating enriched uranium from its nuclear facilities to make nuclear bombs with? Have they forgotten all this or did they ever know it to begin with.

Did those polled forget that between 1983 and 1985 elements of the Hezbollah were responsible for the bomb that killed over two hundred U. S. Marines in Beirut? Weren’t they informed that the Hezbollah car bombed the U. S. Embassy and the embassy’s annex? Did the polled know that nearly every suicide bomber that claimed the lives of innocent women, children and tourists at the Israeli border were sanctioned and in some cases paid for by the Hezbollah? The real question seems to be were they informed of anything at all.

If those polled attended a class in the area of political science entitled, “political savvy 101” and were asked only one question to complete the course how many would pass? The question of course would be what country Iran would use its nuclear bomb on if it had one. They could be given multiple choice answers such as 1.America, 2.Israel, 3.duh. According to the CNN poll one hundred percent of those in that class would be taking the course over.

Has life in America become so fast paced that we have no time to pay attention to what is going on elsewhere or doesn’t a “Super Power” need to give any attention to these serious threats perceived only as isolated foreign skirmishes and uprisings? Is the pre 9/11 complacency returning with a vengeance? It is hard to hit the head of an ostrich from far away but his body makes a great target. One has to wonder if nature endowed the bird with just a pinch more wisdom would he keep his head above ground long enough to hear the gunfire so he could run for cover. Do those polled need just a pinch more wisdom?

Hezbollah is just as committed to the demise of the United States as it is to seeing the annihilation of Israel. If nothing else was known about the Hezbollah except that it is a militant Muslim movement how anyone could mistake them for a friend to the west is beyond all reason or human understanding. Are Americans so busy looking for reasons to celebrate the good times and scream out their heehaws that they can’t hear the ever deafening sound of those crying out for a jihad?

Will the business or the busyness of America make true the saying that the hardest thing for any individual, group or nation to survive is its own success? God forbid.

Rev Bresciani has written many articles over the past thirty years in such periodicals as Guideposts and Catholic Digest. He is the author of two books available on, Alibris, Barnes and Noble and many other places. Rev Bresciani wrote “Hook Line and Sinker or what has Your Church Been Teaching You,” publisher, PublishAmerica of Baltimore MD. He also wrote a book published by Xulon Press entitled “An American Prophet and His Message, Questions and Answers on the Second Coming of Christ.” His book is now being heralded as the clearest book on the subject of the second coming of Christ since Hal Lindsey's "Late Great Planet Earth" Rev Bresciani’s website is,

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