Are We Freakin’ Stupid, or What?

by Erik Rush

"I'll go so far as to say that someone who is not keeping an eye on a group of six imams chanting in an airport waiting area and then spreading out on a plane and behaving in a disruptive manner, well that person is swimming so far upstream against the basic human wiring of common sense and survival instincts that if one could just capture the contrary energy, the synaptic maelstrom going on inside their feverish, brainwashed, nonjudgmental little skull you could power the massive turbines of the very 757 you're flying on." 
(Comedian, actor and social commentator Dennis Miller, on Fox News.)

It just keeps getting worser and worser…

I included the Dennis Miller quote simply because I think it's brilliant. The ungrammatical statement I made that follows reflects the percentage of Americans who I believe wouldn't have been keeping an eye on a group of six imams acting suspiciously on an aircraft. Whether the men were making a dry run (as did the 9/11 hijackers), looking to cash in on a civil suit, seeking to stir up the ire of the politically-correct, or simply being troublesome for hate's sake, the reaction of the passengers who did take notice and the subsequent actions of the crew and the airline were most assuredly called-for.

But no. We have now the idiots who would have ignored the imams supporting the contention that they were being persecuted, profiled, singled out. The passengers on that plane should have taken no more notice of them than a group of flight attendants. That there is serious debate (let alone probable litigation) taking place as to the propriety of US Airways' actions in Minnesota is manifestly insane.

For the record: I'm still not sure what an "imam" is exactly. The media's proclivity for ascribing innocuous and inaccurate terminology to our enemies has frustrated me for years. I surmise that they're some kind of Islamic cleric, but the requisites for same are fuzzy at best. Is there study of some kind involved, or is it just the beard, headgear and a worship of chaos and destruction? The Iranian terrorists who held American citizens hostage during the Carter Administration were referred to in the media as "students." It's altogether possible that guys who've attended Taliban training camps and have links to Al-Qaeda now qualify as holy men in the eyes of the press, progressive politicians and their deluded base.

A black man is shot to death by police in New York City and of course it's murder before one solid fact gets out. In a perverse cosmic coincidence, within days of that shooting a Hispanic man is killed by police in a community near where I live. Due in no small measure to the breadth of coverage the New York story received, this instantly became a murder case as well, despite the fact that the deceased was brandishing a firearm.

These two men may have indeed been murdered in the legal sense; the point is that before the blood has congealed (let alone formal investigations being completed) in such instances there professional activists appear calling for riots, and a media feeding frenzy ensues that does far more to foment than inform. In the face of racially-heated news stories, these fools have lately developed the practice of giving airtime to the New Black Panther Party, whose slogan just happens to be "Freedom or Death." Freedom from what? I've no idea. These are individuals who honestly believe that the first thought of each and every white person upon awakening is how to stick it to blacks that day.

A visit to their website (which made me feel like I needed a shower, by the way) quickly revealed that nearly all their principals possess – guess what – Muslim names. Given broadcast media venues, their spokesmen typically bark barely coherent 'Sixties-era incongruencies about whites murdering black children and shout down flustered network correspondents.

When I seriously consider the motivations of the press and the far Left, it becomes sadly apparent that they would both view an outbreak of nationwide race riots as simply delicious. Again – insane and destructive, but think of the money they'll make and the power they'd respectively gain!

A millionaire pop star flashes her privates and it's a "publicity stunt." In a sane society, she'd be charged with indecent exposure, her fan base would evaporate in a twinkling and she'd be pitied as a poor, unbalanced creature. After all, such acts used to be equated with unimaginable desperation or mental instability. In the context of our society at present and our current challenges, the fact that this titillates to the tune of top search engine rankings is the sickest part of all.

Now, I don't bring all this up because of the recent political shift in our government, but I wager that we'll see more overt evidence of societal decay as a result. Within hours after the midterm election, far Left elites became markedly more emboldened – as did our enemies abroad – in case no one has noticed.

I could go on and on with anecdotes across several areas of our society which illustrate the unthinking, delusion and sheer lunacy that is spreading across the country – and the grey matter of Americans – like some variety of voracious, flesh-eating bacteria. Moral relativists and other enemies at home and abroad have more and more success using our freedoms as the very weapons with which they are beating us to death, yet most of America remains too intimidated to speak out or act.

Fear, frustration and months of propaganda brought about one of the most potentially dangerous political developments of our time. They said "Bush lied" loud enough and long enough – and people finally bought it, despite there being no evidence whatsoever to support the statement, and cyclopean heaps of evidence to refute it.

Fear, avarice, and an apathetic public (the part which has not been misled outright) keep the system in place. It's all well and good for social commentators – even famous ones – to tell it like it really is every now and then. As I said in my column Proretrogressives and the Last Wake-up Call, it's going to take hardcore grass-roots initiatives to bring about the changes necessary to preserve our nation via political reformation and media negation: Boycotting corporations that support destructive lobbyists (even if they do produce a neat hybrid vehicle or a shampoo you swear by), calling out pretenders amongst the conservative ranks, refusing to settle for the nominations and elections of worthless, weak party hacks who happen to have the right parenthetical letter after their name, and going toe-to-toe with poverty pimps and class envy purveyors even if it means being called unpleasant names by mudheads in one's community.

The brainwashed and the apathetic aren't going to wake up on their own, either. Do you want to see your spouse and children gang-raped by laughing terrorists and then have your throat cut? No? Then get on board, because that's what we're up against.

What we really need is a president who is willing to tour America saying that, as during the days of the rail stop campaign – and decorum be damned.

Erik Rush is a New York-born columnist and author who writes a weekly column of political fare. He is also Acting Associate Editor and Publisher for the New Media Alliance, Inc. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets. An archive containing links to his writing is at His new book, "It's the Devil, Stupid!" is available through most major outlets. His new book, Annexing Mexico, is scheduled for release shortly.

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