The Lull Before That October Surprise

by Bob Parks

I apologize for my writing volume slippage. I’ve been kind of focused as of late, but here we go….

Something just ain’t right. It’s late October during an off-year election. Where’s the old DWI report or some document supposedly created with a Smith Corona? Is al Qaeda waiting until next Monday afternoon?

Enough’s been said about Michael J. Fox, the Cardin-Steele race, the St. Louis Cardinals, and Reese Witherspoon’s breakup. Other things have bumped the good stuff off what should be a last minute, ditch effort by someone to tilt a national election. That’s where we’re headed….

A World With Whitney, Again

You know life is good when you’re finally free of Bobby Brown, you’ve got some skin on your bones, and Osama bin Laden wants to make you his main squeeze.

I don’t know about you, but there came a time when I grew sick of over-played Whitney Houston. And like most egotistical superstars, she strayed from the mentor who made her what she was, and her career sunk like a cinder block in the South Pacific. Whether it was Michael Jackson walking away from Quincy Jones or Whitney turned her back on Clive Davis in favor of Bobby Brown, one must admit the world seemed a bit empty without their feel-good music.

But we may be seeing one of those famed Hollywood comeback stories.

Last week at the 17th Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills, the Whitney Houston we all grew to love appeared at a benefit event for the Barbara Davis Center For Childhood Diabetes at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and she was looking good.

You go, girl!

Now You Went And Did It…

Betcha’ Katie Couric won’t be leading with this.

The black vote has been taken for granted for decades, but the Democrats may have finally gone too far. Maryland’s Michael Steele just may win his race and it just may be black folk that tip the scales.

Before we continue, let’s put the black vote in proper perspective.

During the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections, Republican candidates eked out victories by the slimmest of margins. Black people presently vote between 90-95% for Democrats, making them the most loyal, and one would hope, most cherished voting blocks. One could contend that without the black vote, Democrats would be screwed.

Their politicians make promises to black people they could never keep instead of promoting self-reliance. I guess being self-reliant is one thing that eventually guides people into the Republican Party, so Democrats definitely wouldn’t want that….

Now back to our story.

According to S.A. Miller and Jon Ward of The Washington Times, "Former Prince George's County Executive Wayne K. Curry and five fellow black Democrats on the county council excoriated their party yesterday and endorsed Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele, a Republican, for U.S. Senate.

You know this is getting good, as this is happening on Howard Dean’s watch.

"The (Democratic) Party acts as though when they want our opinion, they'll give it to us. It's not going to be like that anymore." That from Prince George's County Executive Wayne K. Curry, who "in 1994 became the county's first black executive and remains influential in the mostly black and heavily Democratic county."

For years you can tell people that they’re being used, but unfortunately sometimes you have to wait long and hard before people get your points on their own. The story goes on, but what gets me are the quotes. Some of us have been waiting a long time to here this.

"We're not puppets. We're not gullible. This ain't the first time we've charged up a hill."

Mr. Curry during a press conference at the Infusion Tea Cafe in Largo.

"There's a revolution going on here. This is going to radiate throughout the county like an explosion."

Jerry McLaurin, a county developer and Steele supporter

"We were in the Democratic Party while they were lynching black folks. We were in the Democratic Party while they were segregating folks. We have been loyal Democrats, but when the party has an opportunity to do something to show that their base is recognized, appreciated and acknowledged, they don't.

"The issue is what we want not only from the state party but from the national party. Give us respect. We cannot continue to be in the room but not allowed to come to the table. What we are doing now is saying, 'Forget it. We are not going to wait for you to bring us to the table. We are going to not only get to the table, we are going to take it.'

Samuel H. Dean, Democrat.

You gotta know I’m eating this up! I’d love to be a fly on the wall in Chuck Schumer’s office right about now….


When I was a young lad living in Boston, my roommate and I would turn off all the lights and walk around in the dark just to avoid trick or treaters. We were young, had no appreciation of children…. I’ll let that go for now.

Halloween 2006 brought back some old memories to accompany present experience.

Years ago, I took my kids to our mall in L.A. for the trick-or-treat tradition. As if you’d just walk up to someone’s house in Los Angeles. I’ll get to that next….

You’d have to serpentine and watch your shins as young mothers, armed with baby carriages, would use it like a plow to get her damn kids to the candy "first" in the various shops. I used to hate going to the mall on Halloween.

This year, I manned the front door as surprisingly polite children dressed as Harry Potter, gypsies, and Jason gave the password, received the door prize, and said ‘thank you" as they left. However, some parents were emptying out their kids’ bag so they wouldn’t have a full bag, thus time to go home. It appears that some adults were teaching their kids how to be greedy towards people who were giving them something for free.

Nice, huh?

Proper Perspective

I don’t know about you, but I still can’t find nice words to say about anti-war activists who keep a daily count of our service members killed in Iraq. However, it’s ironic how some of our troops can come home after a tour or tour in the Middle East and be killed on our streets, shortly after coming home.

Is it safer walking around in Fallujah than in New Orleans? One could make that point.

One of my favorite writers, Victor Davis Hanson of the American Enterprise Online, puts the casualty count in proper perspective. A perspective our pacifists would like to see go away.

He writes, "As a fifth-generation Californian, I deeply love this state, but still imagine what the reaction would be if the world awoke each morning to be told that once again there were six more murders, 27 rapes, 38 arsons, 180 robberies, and 360 instances of assault in California — yesterday, today, tomorrow, and every day. I wonder if the headlines would scream about "Nearly 200 poor Californians butchered again this month!"

"How about a monthly media dose of "600 women raped in February alone!" Or try, "Over 600 violent robberies and assaults in March, with no end in sight!" Those do not even make up all of the state’s yearly 200,000 violent acts that law enforcement knows about."

Albeit a possibly perilous argument, one could say that it’s safer in Iraq than here in the United States; California alone. What should we do about this very unacceptable situation?

The United States is a quagmire and we need to pull our police out now! We need to ask the United Nations to bring peacekeeping troops into St. Louis. The governor of Michigan is not easing tensions from Detroit’s many factions and civilians are at risk in the crossfire.

Our police are guilty of atrocities just short of war crimes, and all we keep doing is sending in more police. The violence is not subsiding and the Chiefs of Police must resign. Maybe some liberal college professors should send some students to New Jersey to be human shields.

We all know that our police are just making more criminals and the sooner we leave the hotspots, the sooner peace can have a chance.

So the next time some liberal gets in your face and bemoans the death in Iraq (while conveniently avoiding the placement of blame on the real bad guys), remember that some worry about terrorists creating mayhem on American streets.

Maybe we’re already there….

Bob Parks is a member/writer for the National Advisory Council of Project 21, and VP of Marketing and Media Relations/Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc.

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