Winning The War Against The Grinches


We can thank the ACLU and all the other left-wing liberal organizations for their assistance in educating the public on the existence of the Ten Commandments and the true meaning of Christmas.

A few years ago, hardly anyone knew what the Ten Commandments were or what they meant. These organizations have been attacking the Ten Commandments displays in schools and public buildings. Today, you can ask anyone about the Ten Commandants, and they will know what they are and what they stand for.

And this time of year these  ACLU has been aggressively attacking the spirit of Christmas and trying to secularize it. But again their efforts have awakened the sleeping giant. Their actions are backfiring and more people today are becoming aware of what they are really doing and are learning that many of their lawsuits are without merit. The ACLU uses scare tactics to gain their questionable victories before they ever go to court.

A partial list of links to some of the battles that have recently been won in the name of Christmas:

These victories are just the tip of the iceberg and growing all the time.

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