The Shofar Returns to the Temple Wall

Blowing the ShofarThe Jerusalem police are now trying to be politically correct in fear of offending the Muslims on their Temple Mount. 

Nineteen-year-old Jerusalem resident, Eliyahi Kleiman, was taken forcibly from the Western Wall after blowing the shofar, or ceremonial ram's during prayer services for last weekend's Rosh Hashana high holiday. His refusal to stop blowing on the orders of the police resulted in this action. Police stopped Kleiman in fear of upsetting the Muslims who were congregating on the the Temple Mount.

On Friday, an Israeli judge lifted the restraining police order, allowing the shofar to continue its tradition.

However, several times a day, the Muslims do broadcast their prayers loudly over a speaker system. The prayers can be heard for miles, and no Jew has formally complained about that.

The Temple Mount itself is a "No Prayer Zone" and was opened to the non-Muslim public until 2000. That was when prime minister Ariel Sharon visited the area causing the Palestinians to start their intifada by throwing stones at Jewish worshipers.

The Temple Mount was reopened in 2003 and visitor must comply with strict rules in order to enter the area. They cannot enter on any Christian or Jewish holy day. No praying or carrying holy objects, such as bibles or crucifixes is allowed and they cannot enter any of the mosques without permission from the muslims.

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