Moral Movies Out Perform Immoral Movies BY Seven Times

An eye-opening revelation reported by, is that movies with good moral Christians themes out sell movies with sex and nudity content. Of courses, most advertisers would want you think otherwise.

World Net Daily reports:

"For example, in 2005, movies with a very strong Christian worldview, such as 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,' averaged nearly $65 million at the box office, but movies with extreme, explicit sex and nudity, such as 'Sin City,' and 'Inside Deep Throat,' only averaged $11.2 million or $11.7 million," the report said.

Movies with less nudity but still strong sexual content, such as "Wedding Crashers," and "The Ice Harvest," fared better, but still averaged less than $22 million in 2005, said MovieGuide, which describes itself as a Christian "ministry dedicated to redeeming the values of the mass media according to biblical principles, by influencing entertainment industry executives and helping families make wise media choices."

As the number of obscenities and profanities rose, the income dropped, it said.

In another news report in International Herald Tribune, theater owner, Greg Boardman has closed his doors rather than show the latest releases that he and many other view as "drivel".

But even if accidental, Greg Boardman's blank-screened protest is getting a thumbs up from movie-goers who long for family fare and jeers from others who say his theaters are one of the few diversions — especially for children — in this farming town of about 6,000 people.

Offerings such as "Beerfest" and the "Jackass" sequel briefly landed a "Closed" sign on the marquee outside Boardman's Lorraine Theatre.

"The movies are so bad and I don't need the money … I just didn't think I should use my high-quality facilities to show people vomiting on screen," said Boardman, whose theaters boast a high-tech, eight-channel digital sound system.

Let's hope these trends will send a strong message to Hollywood.

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