UK Police Back Off Curbing the Threats of Violence by Muslims

Last week Muslims demonstrating outside Westminster Cathedral over the Pope's recent remarks, made deadly threats of violence against anyone who insulted the Muslim faith. Many of the Christians attending Mass complained to the police in fear of their lives.

The Metropolitan Police has also decided not to take action against the controversial Muslim figure, Anjem Choudary, who allegedly said in a television interview about the row over the Pope that anyone who insulted the Muslim faith would be "subject to capital punishment". 

Police received about 25 complaints from members of the public about the protest, which was said to have left worshipers attending the cathedral on September 17 feeling "upset" and "intimidated". 

Following a protest outside the Danish embassy in London in February, over Muslim-related cartoons, an inquiry led to charges including soliciting to murder and inciting racial hatred.

However, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, told a meeting of his force's police authority yesterday that, after reviewing the evidence, Scotland Yard officers had concluded that "no substantive offences" were committed during the cathedral demonstration. (

A double standard in justice is operating in Londonistan. Many non-Muslims are being arrested for questionable verbal attacks against Muslims while the Muslims who are threatening violent attacks are being ignored by the police.

Is this what the Western free-world has to look forward to?

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