Christmas Is Back at Target and Sears Stores

The American Family Association has dropped their official boycott on all Target and Sears stores. Both stores have agreed to put Christmas back into the Christmas Season.

The AFA had over 700,000 signatures to the boycotts of these stores.

Target said, in its official statement: "Over the course of the next few weeks, our advertising, marketing and merchandising will become more specific to the holiday that is approaching – referring directly to holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah. For example, you will see reference to Christmas in select television commercials, circulars and in-store signage.

Another organization fighting to save the meaning of Christmas is Concerned Women for America. Their campaign is on the theme, "reason for the season."  

“When something is clearly about Christmas itself, it is dishonest to ban the very mention of Christmas on the grounds that it might offend a handful of people. This is a nation where surveys show 96 percent of the population celebrates Christmas. There is no survey showing that people of other faiths are insulted when the majority celebrate Christmas or wish anyone a ‘Merry Christmas.’


“The tyranny of a tiny minority of Grinches to veto any mention of Christmas must stop,” Knight concluded. “We are very encouraged that some major retailers like Macy’s are starting to get it and hope that more will join them.”

They have classified most stores into three categories. NICE is for those that show the true spirit of Christmas.

SOMEWHAT NICE SOMEWHAT NAUGHTY are for those stores that are trying to show the spirit of Christmas but need more improvement. It is noted that Sears was part of this group but could be categorized as now being int the NICE group.

And the SCROOGES  which show no tolerance to expressing the true spirit of Christmas. Again, theTarget chain recently announced its change of heart and has earned the right to be be in either the NICE or SOMEWHAT NICE SOMEWHAT NAUGHTY.

Let’s hope more retailers begin to show more of the true Christmas spirit.

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