UK Man Found Guilty of Racism Against Unknown Victim

In the UK you can get away preaching death but being accused of making a racist remark can get you convicted even if there is no victim and an only witness testified she was  not sure what was said. The real victim is an unknown women traditionally-dressed as an Asian woman that never came forward.

Robert McGlynn, 40, was seen shouting abuse at the unknown woman through the open window of his car as he drove through Swansea, South Wales, in June. . .

. . . Mrs Rees told the court that she saw McGlynn shouting abuse at the traditionally-dressed Asian woman. She thought that she heard the words “Paki whore” and “Sieg Heil”.

Mrs Rees, who was stationary at a junction at the time, told the court: “He was shouting, his face was quite contorted with the effort he was putting in. To me it appeared that he was being venomous. His face appeared quite contorted.”

She added: “But I could not swear to the words I did hear.”

Following the conviction, McGlynn stated:

“This is a crime without a victim with evidence from someone who admitted they didn’t really hear what was happening and who had already had an award for reporting the case before she stepped into court.

“I am completely innocent and it worries me what is happening in Britain today.

“You have mad mullahs preaching death and destruction in our streets and nothing is done while law-abiding people can be convicted of nothing more than driving their car with the window open.”

Is this what the rest of Europe and US can look forward to?

Source: Times On-line

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