UK Cemetery To Face All Graves Towards Mecca

In the UK, first they made sure the prison toilets in London were not facing towards Mecca, and then the UK introduced the first ever burka-styled hospital gown. Now a new cemetery being built in Nottingham that will  be the first UK burial ground to have all graves facing toward Mecca.

All headstones at the 40-acre burial site will face northeast, enabling the dead to look over their shoulder toward Mecca, the manner prescribed for followers of Islam in the UK.

Church leaders have criticized the decision by local officials, saying that imposing a Muslim model on Christians, who traditionally are buried facing east, is discriminatory.

"This is a sensitive issue to all people. I hope the situation will be reviewed with wide consultation and a policy introduced that takes account of the needs of all," the Rt. Rev. George Cassidy, bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, told the London Daily Mail. (World Net Daily)

The Muslim population in the Nottingham area is less than 5%.

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