Burqua-Style Hospital Gowns for Women

Is the new burqua-style hospital gown being introduced in the Lancashire UK hospitals this fall, an invention of the Middle East Arabs countries?

The answer is NO! They are an invention by a British women, Karen Jacob who is the linen services manager at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals. The purpose is to afford religious modesty to all women who wish to be covered head to foot.

Burgua Hospital GownThe £12 outfits – made in Yorkshire – cover the entire head, neck and body, leaving just a slot for the eyes.

The burqua-style gowns come with trousers, two styles of head-dress and elasticated cuffs to prevent women's arms from being revealed.

They will be available to patients at in Chorley and Preston from November.

The gowns were trialled at Royal Preston Hospital and proved so successful that a number of other NHS Trusts have also expressed an interest in offering them. (BBC News)

Because this idea is a first in the world of fashion, the West Yorkshire-based firm, Interweave, which makes the garments, believes the demand for the gowns could be huge. They are hoping this new polically correct fashion will appeal to the millions of women who may wish to use these modest coverings.

Now why hasn't the Muslim world think of this first?

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