What Is Liberalism?

by Carl A. Patton, FreedomJournal

WHAT IS LIBERALISM? Liberalism during the height of the Civil Rights Movement identified White people who were not racist. Liberals in 2001 mean people Black and White who believe in the Anti-Christ. They believe that the homosexual life-style is normal behavior. They believe that women should have the right to terminate the existence of an unborn child.

Do Liberals uphold the First Amendment despite race, sex and religion? For example Liberals stand in line to Censor the writings of the FreedomJournal. I have published a book that is being censored and banned. The book Big Ralph: Reflections of a Black Police Chief is the biography of the late Ralph H. Cothran the first Black Police Chief in Chattanooga, TN. The book also renders a critique of the Civil Rights Movement. So are Liberals only interested in equality when you agree with their ungodly actions? For the record we are not advocating that so-called Conservatives have an exclusive lock on good sense and respect for the First Amendment.

However, many Conservatives seem to have more knowledge of God. Thus, they usually believe in the Laws of God as to the order of man and woman. Also, for the record Liberals nor so-called Conservatives have supported the First Amendment Rights of the FreedomJournal

It is not ordained by God that men should marry men and that women marry women. However the people that believe in same sex marriages are ungodly and the Anti-Christ. Also many even claim to be Christians and believe in God. However they distort the scriptures and commit Hell-Bound blasphemy when they preach and teach that God loves Sin. God loves all He created but he does not love Sin, He hates Sin. This behavior is Sin.

The Gay Rights Movement as well as Women's Liberation Movement has stifled the Civil Rights Struggle. Those that believe that respect for degenerates is responsible behavior are very confused. However the world is set in wickedness and those that have loose morals are running rampant throughout the world. Thus these people claim that God-Fearing people are in error and that to denounce ungodly behavior is discrimination. Sin is Sin and the people of God have a responsibility to note Sin. However, the acknowledgment of Sin is not Hate. Although to acknowledge the Sin of Homosexuality is noted as hate by the Homosexuals and their supporters.

The FreedomJournal does not advocate the discrimination of any human being this includes homosexuals. However, the Gay life style is not ordained by God. Thus those that follow and support the legitimacy of the Gay life style are the Anti-Christ.

Traditional advocates of Civil Rights and Free Expression are in the vanguard of the censorship of anybody that truly seeks to follow God and not man and money. Thus the biography of the late Chief Ralph (Big Ralph) Cothran is censored by those that have mis-led the Black community and received pay-offs to keep them blind and stupid. Meanwhile the historical and political questions the book seeks to answer causes much of this dissension.

For example the following questions are samples of the questions Big Ralph seeks to answer: Is there a relationship between Civil Disobedience and Crime? Who set the precedent for Black leadership? Did busing Black children render them quality education? Why did Thurgood Marshall declare Black people inferior to persuade the Supreme Court to vote to desegregate public schools in America? Who controls the NAACP, Urban League and SCLC? Has the Black intellectual community sold out the Black community? Are there any independent Black Studies Departments in any University in America? Will the word of God be best understood by independent thinkers are those lost in a dilemma of dependency?

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