Super Volcanos Causing Possible Ice Age

Global warming is a myth. But according to some scientists, global cooling or the appearance of an ice age is more likely than not. They identified about 40 possible super volcanoes sites. Some of the sites lie 20 miles beneath the oceans and some are under major land mass. A super volcano eruption could plunge Earth into an ice age and end life as we know it.

Unlike regular volcanoes, which are shaped like mammoth cones, supervolcanoes spring from massive canyons — calderas — that measure hundreds of miles across. Underneath their surface is a vast lake of lava. When the underground liquid rock — magma — bursts forth to the surface, a series of violent, massive explosions could occur in a wide-ranging eruption that could last several days. It would incinerate anyone within a hundred miles, and layers of ash would blanket much of the earth.

"These eruptions are so big that you couldn't really see them, because you couldn't be close enough to the volcano, watching it and survive. You could watch it from a satellite and you could see the volcano erupt and see the ash cloud begin to spread," said Michael Rampino, geologist and professor of earth sciences at New York University. (ABC News)

The scientists have identified Yellowstone National Park as one of the supervolcanoes sites within the continental United States.

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