Airline Bans Woman in Blasphemy Altercation

A devout Scottish Christian grandmother was banned from flying to Edinburgh from the Stansted airport on the carrier Easyjet, because she asked an airline employee to please stop using God's name in vain. The employee of Indian origin kept repeating "Oh my God" after a child fell.

She said she politely asked them to stop taking God's name in vain. She was then approached by a security official and she claims she was called a "racist" for remarking that her complaint would have been taken more seriously had she been Islamic. . .

. . . The grandmother, from Burntisland, Fife, who worships at the independent Vine Church in Dunfermline, said: "There was absolutely nothing at all that I said to the airport staff which could have been interpreted as racist. "I was very polite and non aggressive, but one of the ladies angrily asked me if I expected everyone to follow my religion and do as I did.

"A member of the security staff then appeared and started arguing with me." (

Her boarding pass was voided and her luggage was removed from the plane. She had to find alternative transportation home as all the flights from Stansted to her home were on Easyjet.

She was just returning from Israel where she was assisting war victims from the recent attacks by Hezbollah.

When speech is offensive to a Christian, it may be considered not politically correct to say anything to the non-Christian offender. But if a Muslim passenger was questioning the same "blasphemous" outburst, I am sure it would have resulted in completely different outcome.


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