Have a UN Christmas? – NOT!

Recently, FOX New has been bringing to light the ongoing attack against Christmas. But, they were not the first to bring attention to this attack on one of the Christians major holiday, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

In 1959, there was a short lived concerted attack against Christmas that was defeated by then, the new John Birch Society.

One of the earliest successes came in the Society’s 1959 campaign to block a powerfully organized movement to have major department store chains across the country substitute United Nations insignia for conventional Christmas decorations in their windows and throughout the stores. The Christmas holiday season was to be purged of Christian content and converted into an international celebration of the brotherhood of man under the benevolent leadership of the UN. All of the wonderful spirit of Christmas was to be transformed into a propaganda gimmick for a one-world government. Society members did such an excellent job of writing dignified letters of protests about this plan to the heads of department stores and of drawing other groups and sparking other drives into support of the protest, that within one year the whole movement had utterly collapsed. (The New American)

Today, the forces against Christmas are at it again.

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