Fashionable Burkas?

Exposing the Truth

women in burkasBy Sharon Hughes

I received an email in response to Part I of Fashionable Burkas? telling me that I would do better if I loved the terrorists:

“Your jab at Muslim terrorist women for saying:

American soldiers ("filth of the earth"), the Jews ("crush them!" & "make their wives widows and children orphans")

 I feel these angry words are similar to how you feel about terrorists. I would respect you if you checked your anger with humility about your own lack of love for your enemies. I feel your influence in media would do a great deal for the kingdom of Christ if you loved your enemies instead.”

While I respect this person’s right to their view, the bottom line of my answer was this:

“What is it but love to expose the lies and darkness that oppresses, enslaves or endangers …those Jesus loves and laid down his life for?”

It’s like this: Terrorists kidnap 3 Israeli soldiers, or as in the 80’s, American hostages. The Israeli and American governments do everything they can for the release of their captive countrymen. New York Police and Firemen rush into the Twin Towers to rescue the victims of 9/11. A good neighbor runs into the house on fire next door to rescue those trapped in the flames.

Love does all it can to rescue victims. Moses did in natural terms. Jesus did in spiritual terms. Love acts, and sometimes simply by telling the truth. Passivity does nothing.

The truth is… it makes me sad and angry when terrorists kill innocent people, such as on 9/11; who raise their children to hate the Jews and brainwash them into becoming suicide bombers; who lie and don’t keep their word despite countless negotiations and efforts at 'peace'; who cry for more and more land, and when Israel gives it up, they continue to attack them because their goal is to ‘wipe Israel off the map.’

Love is strong, and tough, like Dr. James Dobson writes about, and like what we use to talk about in college counseling courses. You know, the elephant in the living room that no one wants to acknowledge because of ‘family dynamics,’ ie co-dependence, fear. But tough love acknowledges the realities, confronts when needed, even when others don’t or won’t. Love does not live in denial or passivity.

The truth is…not all Muslim women suffer abuses such as these slides of “Looking Beyond the Veil” demonstrate. To lump all Muslim women in with the likes of the ‘wives of terrorists’ referred to in  Part I would be very wrong. But it would also be wrong to ignore the ‘elephant’ of abuse that does exist.

Telling the truth has the power to set victims free…and yes, even the victimizers, such as our friend, Walid Shoebat. who is trying to get the truth out every chance he can on Fox News, CNN, et al, about the nature and intent of radical Islam.

Sharon  Hughes is Founder and President of The Center for Changing Worldviews and a radio talk show host on KDIA in San Francisco,, and online at Her column appears in many recognized news sites and publications, most recently FRONTPAGEMAG. She also writes for, a division of The Media Research Center. For further information visit her Websites,, and Blog

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