School Allowed By Court To Teach Lesson On Islam

Last week, the Ninth U.S. "Circus" Court of Appeals has rejected a lawsuit by two Christian students and their parents, who accused the Byron Union School District of unconstitutionally endorsing a religious practice.

In 2001, the students were made to act in roles as  Muslims in order to learn about Islam. They all had to pray daily, simulate fasting during Ramadan, and other Muslim customs related to the Islam faith.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported:

"The Islam program activities were not overt religious exercises that raise Establishment Clause concerns,” the three-judge panel said, referring to the First Amendment ban on government sanctioning a religion.

This same Circuit Court rejected a similar lawsuit filed by Christian parents in 1994. In that case the parents were objecting to their children reading textbooks that contained tales and role-playing exercises about witches. In that case, the court said classroom activities related to the texts, which included casting a make-believe spell, were just secular instruction rather than religious rituals. Although, other courts have determined that witchcraft is a religion.

Yet, the mention of anything related to Christianity, Christmas, and the bible is taboo and brings on fear of attacks by the ACLU.

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