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The chasm between Apollo and the Gulf

There is no valid analogy between the Gulf spill and Apollo 13 Harrison H. Schmitt President Obama’s Administration and its supportive media repeatedly say our 1970 Apollo 13 experience is analogous to the effort to contain and cap the Deepwater … Continue reading

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Wrong Again

By Thomas E. Brewton Senator Charles Schumer is either an economic ignoramus, or he is just performing the usual Democrat/Socialist Party obeisance to the welfare state and labor union extortion. New York's Senator Charles Schumer wants to impose a punitive … Continue reading

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Ken Cuccinelli v. 810 academics

Special Bulletin: Academic freedom is not a license to commit fraud by Paul Driessen “Scientific debates should be played out in the academic arena,” insists University of Virginia environmental sciences professor David Carr. “If Michael Mann’s conclusions are unsupported by … Continue reading

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