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Unfreedom Tower at Ground Zero

Just for fun, let’s assume a really fanciful, utterly unimaginable set of circumstances – a real screwball fantasy: Let’s say that a group of religion-drunk psychopaths with dreams of paradise flew a pair of commercial aircraft full of screaming passengers … Continue reading

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2 CA Cities Support AZ New Immigration Bill!

This is from the LA Times. Goes to show, not everyone is in favor of boycotting AZ: The city councils of Hemet and Lake Elsinore, both in Riverside County, approved proclamations Tuesday in support of Arizona’s controversial anti-illegal immigration law. … Continue reading

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How serious is Obama about terrorism?

Just how serious is our new President about dealing with terrorism?  Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks to Barack Obama, we now live in a country where you can do almost as much time in prison for brandishing a knife … Continue reading

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The Obama Testament

President Obama has often been looked to as a prophet; an almost Godlike figure. So, it seems appropriate to see how the Old Testament would look if Obama had been a part of it… In the beginning there was only … Continue reading

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Global Warming Fraud Reflects Too Much Government Money and Power

Government so overwhelmingly funds a cause that it perverts it and makes it a government-supported industry whose purpose is to grow and feed itself like the rest of government. And it grows at the expense of all we hold dear … Continue reading

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A Proposal For Updating The US Constitution

The way the current United States administration has disregarded the constitution and the will of the American people, is there any point left in having a constitution? From the Bastion of Urban Renewal and Progress (BURP), here is a new, … Continue reading

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Take It Back

We need to go back in history to see when and how our constitutional republic was lost. As people get serious about taking America back from the Liberals, they will need to learn when and how our constitutional republic was … Continue reading

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The right to choose – for farmers in Haiti

Anti-corporate activists pervert “social justice” and perpetuate poverty in Haiti by Paul Driessen The Monsanto Company is learning a valuable lesson in Haiti: no good deed goes unpunished at the hands of radical anti-corporate elements of Western society. Like so … Continue reading

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No-Fathers Day

By Thomas E. Brewton A central tenet in liberal-progressive-socialism is re-directing allegiance from the family as the primary social unit and elevation of the political state as the sole source of individual well-being. Ultimately fathers' role in this social paradigm … Continue reading

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The Danger Of A Government With Unlimited Power

By Thomas E. Brewton The Obama administration continues the nation's travels, since Franklin Roosevelt's socialist New Deal in the 1930s, along what Friedrich von Hayek called The Road To Serfdom. The fundamental thrust of liberal-progressive-socialist governments such as that of … Continue reading

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