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A Spotless Sun

By Alan Caruba There’s a wonderful irony in the fact that, back in the 1970s, the Greens were issuing warnings and even writing books about the coming Ice Age. They would abandon this issue, based in well-known and accepted solar … Continue reading

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Part One: An Overview of American Islam

By Kathy ShaidleRightSideNews Copyright © 2009 Imagine a Super Bowl with all male cheerleaders and half-time prayers. In that America, they drink Jihad Cola instead of Coke and thank Allah when they win an Oscar. Luckily, that America is fictional, … Continue reading

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Labor Union Perspective

By Thomas E. Brewton As the proposed trade agreement with Colombia reveals, labor unions are organizations of self-centered greed, which disingenuously cloak themselves with pretense of God, country, and mom's apple pie. President Bush, by calling for Congressional approval of … Continue reading

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