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Senator Obama’s Friends

By Thomas E. Brewton How indicative of his character and beliefs is Senator Obama's having launched one of his political campaigns at the home of his friends Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers? Who are Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers? And … Continue reading

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U.S. Congress Salary History

From 1789 to 1815 Congressmen received $6.00 daily, but only on the days they showed up. From 1815 to 1855 Congressmen received a modest salary, compared to the massive salaries of the Congressmen today. In 1855 their salaries increased to … Continue reading

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Want to Catch the News? Tune into Blogs!

Who could have predicted the explosive growth in the popularity for blogs as news or media outlets? Today, more and more people are tuning into their favorite news blog instead of catching the morning or evening news on the TV … Continue reading

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Is Obama a Muslim? Probably Yes.

By Alan Caruba I really don’t care how many times Barack Hussein Obama says he is a Christian. I believe he is a Muslim and I believe he chosen to hide his true faith in the name of the jihad … Continue reading

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Forecasting Hurricanes. Not!

By Alan Caruba In late April,, led by Joe Bastardi, its chief meteorologist, issued a news release that was, to be kind, pure mush. The early warning forecast for 2008’s June to November hurricane season said that conditions like … Continue reading

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15 Yogi Berra Quotes to Celebrate His Birthday

Yogi Berra is definitely a character and certain Yogi Berra quotes sum up his personality to a tee. His birthday, May 15th, is right around the corner and these fifteen famous Yogi Berra quotes are a fabulous way to celebrate … Continue reading

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Illegal Aliens: Hillary’s Flip-Flops Border on Insanity

By Jim Kouri Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton finally agreed to appear on the highly-rated Fox News show The O’Reilly Factor. Her interview, which was taped earlier thisweek while she was campaigning in South Bend, Indiana, was broadcast on The … Continue reading

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Promoting Alternative Energy for the Right Reasons

By Nancy Salvato Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich are featured together in a television commercial which focuses on how conservatives and liberals can come together to find solutions for problems caused by climate change. Mr. Gingrich’s explanation for joining this … Continue reading

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Ten Simple Truths About Oil

By Alan Caruba Having written about the energy industry and issues now for a long time, I hope I can be forgiven for being enraged by the comments by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) in response to President Bush’s press conference … Continue reading

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