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St. Petersburg, FL – Mar 31, 2008 –  Bill Keller, the world's leading Internet Evangelist and the founder of, has received numerous death threats from Muslims who want him dead for posting the controversial anti-Muslim movie trailer FITNA on his … Continue reading

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Our Nation, Our Military, Our Mission

By Alan Caruba Americans know that we have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, but I suspect they have little idea that nearly a half-million of our soldiers, marines, airmen, sailors and coast guard are in far-flung places prepared to deter … Continue reading

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Sympathy for the She-Devil?

By Thomas Lindaman The recent stories about Hillary Clinton’s campaign spending money like a lonely male Lotto winner at a strip club have given us a new look at the woman who would be President. We already suspected that she … Continue reading

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God to Gore:

By Thomas E. Brewton Go to your room, sonny boy, and stay there! Much counter-evidence to the man-made global warming hypothesis has come to light. Forget global warming: Welcome to the new Ice Age Temperature Monitors Report Widespread Global Cooling … Continue reading

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Ruining Our Youth, Our Future

By Alan Caruba Those of us who grew up in the 1940s and 50s almost universally look back on those days with great fondness. Born into an era that saw the end of the Depression and living as children through … Continue reading

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Shocking Story of Gay Porn as Required Reading in High School

by Warner Todd Huston The story of an Illinois high school making a gay pornographic play required reading for seniors has been reported since March 7th, but it has been ignored for the most part with only a handful of … Continue reading

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