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Conservative Elites to Christians: Remember Your Place

By Christopher Adamo Thus far in the 2008 presidential campaign cycle, "religion" has played a far bigger role than in any recent elections. This does not necessarily translate to actual issues of importance to one religious constituency or another, but … Continue reading

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Media Fans Flames of GOP Religious Divide

By Warner Todd Huston In an article that is ostensibly supposed to be about the many Iowa homeschoolers that are supporting Mike Huckabee, the Washington Post pins the reason to the fact that homeschooling parents must hate Mormons! This has … Continue reading

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Kansas Rules Against Electricity

By Alan Caruba I wonder if the folks at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment think that electricity is made by fairies who live in the garden or that an army of elves produce it? On October 19, a … Continue reading

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Eating Food Will Kill You

By Alan Caruba It is now a proven fact that eating food—any kind of food—will kill you. No one who has eaten food in the past is alive today and everyone currently eating food will die. Therefore, those noble people … Continue reading

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Prime Time Primaries

By Nancy Salvato I’m enjoying the prime time primaries, carefully considering what each politician brings to the table as they all campaign to participate in what policy wonks might consider the political equivalent of the National League and American League … Continue reading

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Cultural Cavemen & The Wimps of the West

By Erik Rush "We terminated the most precious American asset which vowed to defeat [the] mujahedeen." Al-Qaeda commander and spokesperson Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid, referencing the assassination of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto; Adnkronos International News Service (AKI), December 27, … Continue reading

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A Chance to Merge Money and Mouth

By Ken Marrero It is impossible anymore to go anywhere without being followed by the Global Warming gremlin. It’s on the Radio and TV. It’s in the papers and the magazines. The folks on the Left are agonizing over the … Continue reading

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By Bob Parks   Every year, people come out with their "New Year’s Resolutions"; their wish lists of things they hope to either accomplish or see accomplished during the coming year. As we all know, many of these wishes, or … Continue reading

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Terrorists? Not Us Say Muslims

By Alan Caruba In lieu of the assassination of Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto, it is necessary once again for those in the West to gain some insight into the culture of Islam and, in particular, of the Middle East. What can … Continue reading

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