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It’s a Grinch Thing

By Erik Rush "Nearly every American liked Christmas a lot, But the far-Left, who lived in self-righteousness, did not! The Left hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season! Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason. It could … Continue reading

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Winners of the Coveted 2007 Award for Political Incorrectness

By Carey Roberts The Duke lacrosse case represents an enduring failure of the American mainstream media. Not only did the New York Times, CNN, USA Today, and other outlets neglect their duty to provide balanced and factual coverage of the … Continue reading

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Christmas Resolution Brings Out Party-Line Grinches

Washington, D.C. – December 11, 2007, Congress passed a resolution by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) to recognize the importance of Christmas and Christianity in America. The resolution states that “Christmas is a time for 225 million Christians throughout this country to reflect … Continue reading

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ADF: Calif. law eliminates “gender” roles, creates safety hazard for women and children

ADF and allies file lawsuit challenging SB 777   SAN DIEGO — Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund and Advocates for Faith and Freedom filed a lawsuit Tuesday in federal court to challenge the constitutionality of California Senate Bill 777.  … Continue reading

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Newspapers Are Guardians of Truth, so say ‘Journalists’

By Warner Todd Huston Last Sunday, from the pen of editorial page editor of the Seattle Times James Vesely, we got a pretty good indication of why the new media of the Internet is so swiftly taking over the traditional … Continue reading

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America’s Standing in the World

By Alan Caruba I am already quite sick of hearing Democrat candidates say that we have to “improve America’s standing in the world” as if the whole world holds our nation in contempt or disagrees with our actions. All nations … Continue reading

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Loons and Bears Versus Eskimos and Oil

By Alan Caruba “A petition seeking Endangered Species Act protection for a rare loon that breeds in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve has been accepted for review by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service” noted a May 29, 2007 Associated Press … Continue reading

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Liberal Agenda Violates Separation Of Church And State

By Robert Meyer Typically any discussion about breaches in the so-called impregnable wall of church and state separation are associated with right-wing fundamentalist Christians. This is a gross misconception, due largely to a deconstruction of the true meaning concerning the … Continue reading

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Will Californians Face Social Chaos Imposed by Politicians?

By Jim Kouri "I shudder to think how millions of California children will be led astray, how marriage will be destroyed, and how immorality will step on the neck of morality if Arnold Schwarzenegger signs five anti-family bills into law. … Continue reading

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Secularists Won’t Be Appeased By New Stem-Cell Breakthrough

By Robert E. Meyer Recently there has been a celebrated news release, detailing a new breakthrough in stem-cell research, which may make the existing moral controversy over the use of embryonic stem-cells moot. While it’s still too early to tell … Continue reading

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