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The Real Reason Why Gasoline Costs More

By Alan Caruba Finding, extracting, transporting, and refining crude oil is a very expensive business. It is also a very risky one. There are no guarantees that one will find oil and, finding it, there are no guarantees that the … Continue reading

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The War on America’s Lawns

By Alan Caruba I have lost track of when I first noticed that Greens were engaged in a war on chemicals, but it has been a long time. Almost any chemical, whether used in agriculture or for industrial purposes, and … Continue reading

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Ignorance Is Bliss, Or Is It?

 by Nancy Salvato If there is one thing for certain in this world, it is when Jack Nicholson plays the male protagonist in a film, his performance will be outstanding. As McMurphy, in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, his … Continue reading

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Political Correctness Continues Support of Terrorist Factions against West

by Sher Zieve On 6 June 1944, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered one of the most arguably powerful prayer speeches in history given by an American president. Over Radio, Roosevelt’s speech was given as allied forces comprised of Americans, Brits … Continue reading

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Time to Annex Mexico!

By Alan Caruba Since we obviously cannot safeguard our border with Mexico, why not just annex Mexico? Let’s declare Mexico a protectorate of the United States and set about governing it in a benevolent, but self-interested way. In time, we … Continue reading

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The Year the Global Warming Hoax Died

By Alan Caruba When did the global warming hoax die? Historians are likely to pinpoint 2007. It will take another decade to insure it cannot be revived, but the avalanche of scientific studies and the cumulative impact of scientists who … Continue reading

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