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Reverend In The House

by The Reverend Bob Parks As we all know, the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been anointed the arbiters of taste and decency in the media. Sharpton has destroyed the career of Don Imus and has threatened others … Continue reading

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Airport Accommodates Muslims With Foot-Washing Basins

Some call this being tolerant, but others will see this as a growing intolerant trend to accommodate one group of persons over another.   This is from World Net Daily: The Kansas City International Airport has added several foot-washing basins … Continue reading

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Man Loses Job For Calling Mexicans ‘Mexicans’!

When do words that properly identify a generalized group of people become offensive enough to lose one's job? Pipe welder Bill Hendeley Jr. said he was fired from his job Wednesday for using the word "Mexican" in describing a person from … Continue reading

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Leather Furniture Offends Vegetarians?

This is an example when political correctness is beginning to go to far. This is from Councilors in Totnes are considering re-covering their furniture with plastic instead of leather in case it offends vegetarians. Officials in the town, which … Continue reading

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1953 versus 2006: The Times Have Changed

I thought you would enjoy this clever juxtaposition of the way problems were dealt with in 1953 as compared to 2006. I don't know the author, but it's very entertaining. ~ Alan Caruba 1953 versus 2006 Scenario: Jack pulls into school parking … Continue reading

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The Strange World of Al Gore

By Alan Caruba There have been many times in his long public career when I have wondered whether Al Gore is just plain stupid or, as the British say, barking mad. At some point, his neighbors and fellow Tennessee citizens … Continue reading

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