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Congress Resurgent?

by Thomas E. Brewton Will we have a reprise of the post Nixon-era Congressional invasion of the President's Constitutional powers that led, among other things, to eviscerating the CIA? Congress is reassessing the President's Constitutional powers, as it did in … Continue reading

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Cultural Vigilantism

by Erik Rush When Joseph Smith kidnapped 11-year-old Carlie Brucia in front of a Florida mall (and a closed circuit video security monitor) in February of 2004, raped her, killed her and discarded her body like a used condom, I … Continue reading

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New Muslim Outrage Materializes

by Sher Zieve As we in the Western world have come to expect, many Muslims and Islamic organizations claim "outrage" at almost anything and everything they can find. They rioted, burned buildings and vehicles over cartoons that parodied their prophet … Continue reading

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John Kerry Still Suffering From Hoof in Mouth Disease

by Sher Zieve Not satisfied with calling US troops stupid, via his now infamous 2006 remarks, the European wannabee Sen. John Kerry has now blasted the entire United States of America. But, then he also did that in the 1970s. … Continue reading

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Tricky Ahnuld: Schwarzenegger Mimics Hero Nixon

by Daniel Clark At the 2004 Republican National Convention, Arnold Schwarzenegger told how he first became involved in American politics when he came to this country in 1968. It started when he was watching coverage of the presidential race between … Continue reading

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Don’t Just Stand There! Do Nothing!

 The virtue of gridlock by Thomas Lindaman On January 4th, Democrats took control of the House of Representatives and tenuous control of the Senate. With the change of power comes the possibility of something big government types dread. Having to … Continue reading

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Statistical Virtue

by Thomas E. Brewton Liberal social justice is based on statistical averages relating to an abstraction called "humanity." Individual morality is not an element in that liberal cosmology. One of the first legislative acts of the newly ensconced Congressional liberals … Continue reading

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Washington Versus America: Grim “Two Party” Reality

by Christopher Adamo Despite the complete disdain that conservative America holds towards former Assistant Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, it is hardly likely that she actually intended to help Bin Laden’s terrorists to successfully perpetrate the September 11 attacks. Rather, her … Continue reading

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America Goes Insane Over the Weather

By Alan Caruba It’s official. America is now totally insane over the weather. Even the Weather Channel that used to simply provide reasonably accurate, short-term information about the weather is now telling everyone we’re doomed because global warming is going … Continue reading

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