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Terminal Virus Spreads Through Senate

by Sher Zieve A new virus is spreading throughout the US Senate and it appears that an increasing number of our lawmakers have been infected. The last notable germ to contaminate the Senate was this year’s Pro-Illegal-Alien bug that will … Continue reading

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You’ll Never Work in This Town… Again?

by Erik Rush Recently someone asked me what sort of people "qualified" as "white trash" given what passes for conventional wisdom in America. My response included such things as lower-income, undereducated whites with a preference for colloquial speech and occasionally, … Continue reading

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Political Correctness – The Liberal Brand of Censorship

by Rev Michael Bresciani Being hard pressed to find a single appropriate definition of it, I will use that of Mr. Philip Atkinson put forth on the website Philip said “Political Correctness is the communal tyranny that erupted in the … Continue reading

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