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Vote Like Your Life Depended on It

By Alan Caruba The political pundits all tell us that Americans have grown weary of the bloodshed in Iraq and the loss of our troops sent to topple Saddam Hussein and help the Iraqis establish a working, secular democracy. They … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media and Democrats: Terrorists New Best Friends

by Sher Zieve It’s difficult to believe that the American Left could hunker down even further, under the saturated-with-innocent-blood covers, with terrorists who have unequivocally announced their intentions to destroy us. But, it has. Recently, The Factor’s Bill O’Reilly asked … Continue reading

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American Ideals and Same-Sex Marriage

By Thomas E. Brewton Words remain the same, but lose their meaning when twisted to fit ideological aims. One such word is equality. A New York Times editorial dated October 26, 2006, proclaims, "The New Jersey Supreme Court brought the … Continue reading

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