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Social Contracts

by Thomas E. Brewton Since the 1930s, most Americans have come to believe in a fairy tale that has no happy ending. Democrats' victories in the recent elections have revived the fairy tale. Washington Post staff writer Dan Balz, in … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

by Jeff Lukens Thanksgiving is a chance to gather with loved ones and share in a time-honored American tradition. For some, it is an excuse to stuff themselves with turkey and football. For others, it is a special time of … Continue reading

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A Second Chance for Third Parties

by Thomas Lindaman With the recent Democrat victories in Election 2006, political analysts and commentators are talking about what the Democrats did right or what the Republicans did wrong. Along with that, they're trying to predict what the new Congress … Continue reading

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The Lull Before That October Surprise

by Bob Parks I apologize for my writing volume slippage. I’ve been kind of focused as of late, but here we go…. Something just ain’t right. It’s late October during an off-year election. Where’s the old DWI report or some … Continue reading

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Bidding Iraq Farewell

By Alan Caruba When the President decided to bring about regime change in Iraq, I thought it was a good idea. Saddam Hussein was among one of the world’s worst dictators, widely credited with slaughtering large numbers of Iraqis and … Continue reading

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California College Students Attack Pledge of Allegiance

Last week Michele Malkin reported of the attack against the Pledge of Allegiance at a California college. The Orange Coast student trustees decide to drop the Pledge as they felt no need to to recite the Pledge to God and Country. But … Continue reading

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A Modern Day Miracle: Global Warming or God’s Warning?

Ron Wexler, Commentary Ten Commandments Day The situation in Israel today is amazingly similar to the European climate in and around 1938. The policy of appeasement that existed in Europe prior to World War II ­ with British Prime Minister … Continue reading

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Persistence Pays Off – Auburn University Will Light a Christmas Tree This Year

Auburn, AL – After two open forums held over an eleven-month period, the Auburn University Student Government Association (SGA) announced that the former "Holiday" tree lighting event will now be called "Holiday Celebration featuring the Lighting of the Christmas Tree." … Continue reading

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The Terror Vote

by Bob Parks So Nancy Pelosi says the Democrat Party will not seek impeachment proceedings against President Bush IF the Democrats take control of the House and Senate. Coming from a Democrat, that's a big IF. Remember, Democrats seldom tell … Continue reading

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2006 Elections Are Still About Conservatism

by Christopher Adamo Despite all of the hype the media have spawned from the Mark Foley controversy and the direction in which they want to take it, a critically important facet of the 2006 elections should not be overlooked. With … Continue reading

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