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Rutherford Institute Urges Berkley (Mich.) City Officials to Display Nativity Scene in Front of City Hall, Despite ACLU Threats

Berkley, Mich. — Attorneys for The Rutherford Institute are urging the Berkley City Council to allow a nativity scene to continue to be displayed outside city hall, despite objections from the American Civil Liberties Union. In a letter to Berkley … Continue reading

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Female Student Arrested For Not Communicating with Non-English Speaking Students

A 14 year old schoolgirl in the UK who was made to sit with a group of non-English speaking Asian students to discuss the projects the class was working on. Codie Stott, the student, went back to the teacher who placed her … Continue reading

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Non-Muslin Female Students Made To Wear The Hijab

The Islamic Madani High School in Leicester, UK has been mandated by the courts to accept 10% non-Muslim students. But all female students must abide with the uniform code, which includes cover their heads with the hijab scarves. Assistant principal … Continue reading

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2012 London Olympics Conflicts with Ramadan

The 2012 London Olympics will run from July 27 to August 12 with at least 3,000 Muslim athletes participating. The problem is, Ramadan will take place from July 21 to August 20, throwing a political wrench into the games. Because the … Continue reading

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Christian British Airway Employee Files Suit Over Suspension For Wearing Crucifix

A British employee of British Airways has been banned from wearing her Christian cross while working in Heathrow Airport. According to British Airlines, the employees uniform does not include include crucifixes. Nadia Eweida has replied to the ban with a lawsuit under … Continue reading

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The Party of Rum, Raunch, and Irreligion

By Thomas E. Brewton With liberals firmly in control of its policies, the Democratic Party has retreated from the real world into a lotus-eaters' land of drug-induced fantasy. As in the Presidential election campaign of 1884, Democrats in this Fall's … Continue reading

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True Colors of Bigotry Busting Out All Over the Place!

by Sharon Hughes First we've watched Iran's President Ahmadinejad display his anti-Semitic colors in all their glory, and for all the world to see. Then Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's Red was never as bold as it was when he called the President of … Continue reading

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Gov Arnold Encourages Immigrants To Assimilate Into The American Culture

I do not agree with everything that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says. But one statement he made I do agree 100%, is his views on immigrates. Arnold states that immigrants, such as Mexicans are coming into the United States and are making … Continue reading

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Public School Teaching Muslim Culture and Faith

Either the Supreme Court is ignorant of Islam or there is a double standard when it comes to religious indoctrination when it is taught in public schools. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected an appeal Monday by evangelical Christian students and … Continue reading

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Queen Sanctions First Ever Muslim Prayer Room

Queen Elizabeth, with her blessings, has sanctioned a Muslim prayer room at her residence, Windsor Castle. The prayer room will be available to Muslims during the Islamic month of fasting.  The room is being used by just one person who works in … Continue reading

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