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Fashionable Burkas?

Exposing the Truth By Sharon Hughes I received an email in response to Part I of Fashionable Burkas? telling me that I would do better if I loved the terrorists: “Your jab at Muslim terrorist women for saying: American soldiers ("filth of the … Continue reading

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To Al Gore: Global Warming is a Politically Correct Lie

Former Vice President Al Gore has produced a new motion picture warning the world of an impending calamity known as global warming. Claiming that mankind is causing the problem, An Inconvenient Truth is an expensive production that is chock-full of … Continue reading

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Veteran Wins the Right To Fly the American Flag

How could a homeowner association in America deny the right to fly the American flag, the symbol of our freedom which many died protecting the flag?  The Indian Creek homeowners association has forbidden a U.S. Marine veteran to fly the … Continue reading

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EU and Russia Do Not Believe Hezbollah Are Terrorists

The EU and Russia have not included Hezbollah on their lists of terrorists. "Given the sensitive situation, I don't think this is something we will be acting on now," Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja, told a news conference following an … Continue reading

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“There Is No Fun In Islam” – Khomeini

The Alton Towers, Britain’s biggest theme park, proposed an all-Muslim day for September 17. They hoped to attract 28,000 to the political correct event, but was only able to sell 1,000 advance tickets. The fun day — exclusively revealed by … Continue reading

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When is a Lone Gunman not a Terrorist?

The recent attack on a Jewish community center in Seattle, Wash., that left one person dead and several more injured has been called a "lone gunman" by the US media, even though he was a Muslim who reportedly said, “I'm … Continue reading

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