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’Islamism’: A Concept invented by the infidel for the infidel!

by Mark Alexander The mantra, ‘Islamism’, is repeated time and time again, over and over, ad nauseum, ad infinitum, especially by those who are in denial: ‘Islamism’, they say, not Islam, is the source of our problems. It is what … Continue reading

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Boycotting the Fruit of the Infidel Mind

A satirical look at the Muslim’s boycott of Danish goods and how they can be truly politically correct in their system of beliefs. By Azadi Ruh Alam To the Muslims of the world, who have participated in, or endorse by … Continue reading

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Chicago’s Blind Kids Required To Take Driver’s Ed

When is it ever politically correct for blind students be required to pass a written drivers test in order to graduate? All students, including the blind, in the Chicago school system must pass a written driver’s test in order to graduate. This … Continue reading

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The Difference Between a Republican and a Democrat

A Republican and a Democrat were walking down the street when they came across a homeless person. The Republican gave the homeless person his business card and told him to come to his business for a job. He then took twenty … Continue reading

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Feminists To Women: Shut Up And Do As You’re Told, Stupid

by Don FederGrasstops USA Back in the 1980s, when conservative social critics suggested it was better for the mothers of young children to stay home (instead of consigning them to day-care gulags), feminists were furious. "How dare you tell women … Continue reading

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