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A Job Description for Congress

by Stephanie Vance Recent polls show that Americans aren't at all impressed with our U.S. Congress. Really. I know you're shocked to hear it, but it's true. In fact, a recent AP poll shows that 73% of Americans disapprove of … Continue reading

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Time For A New Generation?

By Frank Hyland Every generation firmly believes that, because they’ve got all the answers, it’s time for their predecessors, their elders to step aside and out of the way to make way for them. All the calls for "Change" tell … Continue reading

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The Nausea Factor

By Alan Caruba There always comes a time at some point in the process by which Americans select the next “leader of the free world” that one experiences the nausea incurred by too much political rhetoric. There is an impolite … Continue reading

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America’s Standing in the World

By Alan Caruba I am already quite sick of hearing Democrat candidates say that we have to “improve America’s standing in the world” as if the whole world holds our nation in contempt or disagrees with our actions. All nations … Continue reading

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Political Correctness Continues Support of Terrorist Factions against West

by Sher Zieve On 6 June 1944, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered one of the most arguably powerful prayer speeches in history given by an American president. Over Radio, Roosevelt’s speech was given as allied forces comprised of Americans, Brits … Continue reading

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Vacated Memory: Anti-W media forget about Bill

by Daniel Clark You can tell that things are looking up in Iraq, because President Bush's enemies are having to delve deeper into the mothballs to come up with reasons to criticize him. One example of this is an Aug. … Continue reading

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A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing

by Nancy Salvato "A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, and drinking largely sobers us again." — Alexander Pope Around this time last year I participated … Continue reading

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Political Forces Shaping The ‘08 Elections

by Christopher G. Adamo So far, the political landscape preceding the 2008 Presidential Election has defied every attempt by the "old media" to characterize and thus determine its outcome. Were the original media prognostications correct, at least two thirds of … Continue reading

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Democrats to Place US Troops in National Guard Border Position

by Sher Zieve The US National Guard has been insanely prohibited from using its weapons against armed drug dealers and others at the US-Mexico border. They have been warned that they are to only provide support for the US Border … Continue reading

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Loyalty to an Ideal or to a Person?

by Randall H. Nunn The Republican Party suffered a blow in the 2006 elections, losing control of both houses of Congress. Many have hoped that the party would analyze the results of that election and correct the problems before the … Continue reading

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