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Obama Care Icon

  This could be the new symbol for Obama's new health care

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If this is Obama Act 3, hate to see what the finalé brings

Everything Obama comes with a sting, including each of their many vacations. Michelle’s 60-room deluxe hotel stay,  15-limo entourage throughout the southern region of Andalusia including Marbella, is a case in point. View article…

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Barack…You’re 30% Right, but 100% Wrong!

“90 percent of this game is mental, the other half is physical”—Yogi Berra Like the fuzzy-math Team Obama uses to tell us that so many millions of jobs have been “saved or created” due to stimulus funds.  Like the strange … Continue reading

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Is MSM Admitting Collaboration With Obama?

Only someone who has been on a spaceship on a mission to a far away planet for the past decade would be unaware of the nauseous and fawning relationship the mainstream media (MSM) has had with Barack H. Obama since … Continue reading

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Has the Time Come to Replace the Federal Government?

After Clinton appointed Judge Susan Bolton ruled Wednesday that—for all intents and purposes—Arizona does not have the right to protect itself or its citizens from invading drug cartels and the illegal foreign hordes that are bleeding it dry of its … Continue reading

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It’s really about controlling our lives

“Low carbon fuel standards” mean higher costs, few environmental benefits and less liberty by Paul Driessen Within days, Majority Leader Harry Reid intends to bring sweeping energy and climate legislation to the Senate floor. He won't call it cap-and-trade or … Continue reading

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The Battle Of The Ages — Words And Language Versus Thoughts And Ideas

Political language is designed to be deceptive. People need to do a better job of "looking past" the words and try to get to the ideas that the words represent. The words, themselves, are often designed to hide the real … Continue reading

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A Special Relationship- Jews, America and Israel

Three months after Obama deliberately snubbed Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel was invited back to put on a good show of friendship before the midterm elections. There were smiles all around, reassuring sound bites and even some waving. The … Continue reading

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Obama is trying to surround us with Islam

We already know that we aren’t fighting a war with Islamic radicals or terrorists anymore.  We are fighting an overseas contingency operation.  Just recently our Commander in Chief Barack Hussein Obama,  removed the terms ‘Islamic extremism’ from the main document … Continue reading

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How serious is Obama about terrorism?

Just how serious is our new President about dealing with terrorism?  Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks to Barack Obama, we now live in a country where you can do almost as much time in prison for brandishing a knife … Continue reading

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