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Dumb policies just keep coming

If 10% ethanol in gasoline is good, 15% (E15) will be even better. At least for some folks. We’re certainly heading in that direction – thanks to animosity toward oil, natural gas and coal, fear-mongering about global warming, and superlative … Continue reading

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It’s really about controlling our lives

“Low carbon fuel standards” mean higher costs, few environmental benefits and less liberty by Paul Driessen Within days, Majority Leader Harry Reid intends to bring sweeping energy and climate legislation to the Senate floor. He won't call it cap-and-trade or … Continue reading

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Stupid Answers to Serious Issues

By Alan Caruba On “Jeopardy”, the popular quiz show, they have a category called “Stupid Answers” in which the answer is so obvious, posed in the question, that it is virtually impossible to get it wrong. Unfortunately, we are afflicted … Continue reading

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Ten Simple Truths About Oil

By Alan Caruba Having written about the energy industry and issues now for a long time, I hope I can be forgiven for being enraged by the comments by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) in response to President Bush’s press conference … Continue reading

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