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Code Pink with promoting harm to troops!

Sacramento, Calif. – The nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization Move America Forward is standing up for U.S. troops again, as yet-again, the virulent anti-war group CODE PINK is threatening the lives of U.S. troops around the world. View article…

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The 17th Amendment Revisited

By Thomas E. Brewton Original provisions of the Constitution intended to prevent Congress from enacting "dumb" laws were vitiated by ratification of the 17th Amendment. Before ratification of the 17th Amendment it's unlikely that a Senate committee would have needed … Continue reading

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The Battle Of The Ages — Words And Language Versus Thoughts And Ideas

Political language is designed to be deceptive. People need to do a better job of "looking past" the words and try to get to the ideas that the words represent. The words, themselves, are often designed to hide the real … Continue reading

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Take It Back

We need to go back in history to see when and how our constitutional republic was lost. As people get serious about taking America back from the Liberals, they will need to learn when and how our constitutional republic was … Continue reading

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The Danger Of A Government With Unlimited Power

By Thomas E. Brewton The Obama administration continues the nation's travels, since Franklin Roosevelt's socialist New Deal in the 1930s, along what Friedrich von Hayek called The Road To Serfdom. The fundamental thrust of liberal-progressive-socialist governments such as that of … Continue reading

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Senator Obama and the Transformation of Human Nature

By Thomas E. Brewton Believing apparently that specifics are not necessary, Senator Obama promises us that his election will bring us all together in one happy family via a miraculous transformation of society and its citizens. Earthly perfection of human … Continue reading

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The god That Failed New Orleans

By Thomas E. Brewton Why does much of New Orleans still look as if the 2005 devastation of Hurricane Katrina had occurred just a few weeks ago? Huge areas of New Orleans still are wastelands. New Orleans's liberal-progressive-socialist Senator Mary … Continue reading

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Ruining Our Youth, Our Future

By Alan Caruba Those of us who grew up in the 1940s and 50s almost universally look back on those days with great fondness. Born into an era that saw the end of the Depression and living as children through … Continue reading

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Will Californians Face Social Chaos Imposed by Politicians?

By Jim Kouri "I shudder to think how millions of California children will be led astray, how marriage will be destroyed, and how immorality will step on the neck of morality if Arnold Schwarzenegger signs five anti-family bills into law. … Continue reading

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Imus and Virginia Tech

by Thomas E. Brewton The inconsistency of atheistic materialism. There's more there than Marx allowed for. Our thoroughly secularized society explains events and behavior, human nature itself, as the product of the material conditions of living and earning a living, … Continue reading

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