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By Bob Parks   Every year, people come out with their "New Year’s Resolutions"; their wish lists of things they hope to either accomplish or see accomplished during the coming year. As we all know, many of these wishes, or … Continue reading

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Moral Movies Out Perform Immoral Movies BY Seven Times

An eye-opening revelation reported by, is that movies with good moral Christians themes out sell movies with sex and nudity content. Of courses, most advertisers would want you think otherwise. World Net Daily reports: "For example, in 2005, movies with … Continue reading

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“Veggie Tales” Politically Incorrect for NBC

TV censorship has gone too far. The children show, "VeggieTales", had references to God and the Bible removed before NBC would allow the broadcast of the 1/2 hour show. NBC has ruled that mentioning God or the Bible is not politically correct. "VeggieTales" … Continue reading

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German Opera Canceled In Fear Of Muslim Violence

The Berlin's Deutsche Oper, not wanting to offend the 3.2 million German Muslims, has pulled the performances of the Mozart opera, which shows the severed heads of the Prophet Mohammad, Buddha and Jesus. The police warned that it could pose an "incalculable" security … Continue reading

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Pop Star Beyonce Knowles: “Only Makes Records for Blacks”

Pop star Beyonce Knowles recently stated in an interview that she only makes records for blacks. Her only fallout is about 70% drop in her her new album, B'and, and booed at the MOBO awards in London on Wednesday night when … Continue reading

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